Introducing BOB Defender

Use AI and smart-sensing technologies to reduce shrink and improve your store’s performance immediately…

A simple and affordable way to leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to reduce shrink at checkout

The average retailer loses up to $25k per store per year — due to undetected items on the bottom of the basket.  Ninety percent of these losses are due to the fact the cashier didn’t notice the items during checkout (the remaining are related to actual theft or sweet-hearting). BOB Defender stops bottom of the basket losses — in real-time — by identifying potential items and alerting cashiers to items below the cart.

BOB Defender is an AI-based system that enables your store and front-end managers to detect, resolve, and monitor BOB related incidences – lowering shrink and enabling better cashier training and management.


Install and watch revenue grow…


A camera at each pay point identifies incidence of BOB items and uses AI to identify potential shrink items – in real time


BOB Defender sends alerts to the cashier to scan item and confirm action is taken


Images are sent to the BOB Defender Secure Cloud. Standard reporting tracks performance by store, by lane, and by time of day


Customized issue assessment and analysis are available

Simple and easy to use

BOB Defender stops losses before they happen

  • Easy to install with minimal footprint
  • Requires no POS integration and no complicated SKU training
  • Alerts cashiers to BOB incidences in real-time
  • Reporting identifies cashier training opportunities
  • Includes ongoing maintenance and support

Return on investment*

BOB Defender gives loss prevention professionals an opportunity to measure and track results against investment. Depending on your stores’ annual losses due to bottom of basket items, below are results achieved:



*Calculations based on pilot programs — using a store average of 7 checkout lanes over 5-year period.

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How much loss do you experience?

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